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Men's Feelings

Revival House Press

Entirely by, Ted May

What the HELL is this book?! That's what I asked myself when I found it hiding on a shelf in my local comic book store. It had an interesting name and the cover was more than a little clever so I went for it! Revival House Press is a relatively new who specializes in R. Crumb-esque underground comics that are consistently clever and ridiculously under the radar (which could very well be part of the charm). Ted May has been utilizing his dry humor and humorous illustrations for the past 6 years or so. This is a fine new edition to his growing list of titles.

But WHAT IS IT?! It is a collection of vignettes and strips that have been rattling around in May's head for quite some time that he finally decided to jot down. There are stories on a multitude of topics including how boring voyeurism can be, the need to take time to enjoy the outdoors, how to play poker the right(ish) way, and many more. With eight stories total, May captures the spirit of underground comics while still putting a new spin on it. As opposed to the commonplace of in your face gross out humor within this genre, May uses incredibly dry humor that causes the reader to take a quick second after each strip. That quick second is followed by a whole bunch of laughter guaranteed. His dialogue choices are clear and hilarious, and the length of these stories is perfect for his particular writing style.

Artistically, this is an easy to understand book. The words are great but this book could stand on it's own without them. THAT is the marking of a good comic. The characters all have expressive yet highly simplistic faces, which in many cases adds to the humor. However, though his facial expressions may be somewhat simplistic his backgrounds, which are mostly black, manage to convey a ton of detail even though not a ton is show. The shading adds tone to the panels, but that tone is never overly serious. The art matches the stories, and that is a great thing.

Let's be honest, a ton of comics are super serious these days. I really love Secret Wars but it is by definition, the Marvel Universe dying (sort of). Men's Feelings exists in this pocket of the comic industry where it provides humor and lightness to the medium while still feeling very fresh. Ted May will hopefully be producing more issues like this, because it's hella fun. You will probably need to by this online but it is worth the effort. You know what? Screw effort! Here's the link to Revival House's website! 

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