The Surface is SO Tense

Surface Tension #1
(of 5)

Titan Comics

Colors/Art/Story: Jay Gunn
Letters: Jimmy Betancourt & Albert Deschesne

Titan Comics! You know them, you love them, they surprise you! I actually wrote a post about them which you can find here if you'd like to know more about the publisher. This company is getting more and more daring, with Surface Tension being the next exquisite chapter in their growth. The book is a creator owned title with everything but letters done by the talented Jay Gunn, and it is one hell of a premiere! Seriously, after reading this I don't know how I've never heard of this fellow before! Buuuut here we are so let's discuss the comic.

A plague has struck! It was mysterious, unnatural, and terrifying. The result? Most of the Earth's population began liquefying and were drawn to the sea. One year after this travesty, two of the humans that were taken return to the isolated island of Breith and are instantly met with gigantic, terrifying creatures as well as a couple of humans which hope to understand. All of that happens in 5 pages. From there, we see life on the island of Breith, from the dangers of living to funeral rituals to hope that others exist off the shore. We are instantly greeted with the history of those captured by the plague, as well as the source and some extremely unique dialogue. Through all of that incredible exposition one has to ask, are these two individuals truly back? More so than that, are there intentions good?

Jay Gunn is quite the talent. Honestly, I don't know where this story came from, but I can't WAIT to read the rest. He deals with the intense issues of isolation as well as the unnatural delivery of surviving plague victims. Not only that, but we get to see some people fighting for natural preservation, to bring some current events into the forefront. We see how the plague originally started as well as a detailed view of life after that not only includes some strange lifestyle choices but also the introduction of some extraordinary creatures. All of this goes on while Gunn still handles the human condition with ease!

This isn't just a great story though, as art wise this is an absolute masterpiece. The creatures have very clear airs of fun or danger (depending on what it is) and the humans all have realistic contours to define their body types, matched with very expressive faces. Most of the images in this story don't provide another piece of the puzzle necessarily, but rather makes the piece count of that puzzle larger, with images that are beyond intriguing, though not explained. All of the environments are beautiful and serene. However, when the unnatural elements of the environment are displayed the look turns from beautiful to a grotesque, pastel, busy tableau of life and mystery.

In the world of Surface Tension, the events and threats of the past are extremely present in the demeanor and minds of the island dwellers. In this ad-less book (just the back cover) we see a new take on origin stories as well as a mystery featuring some lightly veiled fear. Something is coming, and for only $3.99 you can be prepared for it with this epic #1 issue.

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