MCC Podcast #11- Through the Woods

Music City Comics episode 11 is here and oh what an episode it is. Longer than the previous episodes, this one has it all! I talk about the books I read, there's a discussion on the whimsical horror collection Through the Woods, AND I am joined for a fantastic interview with the creators of Blood & Gourd, D.H. Shultis and Jenz K. Lund!

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Through the Woods
McElderberry Books

All by Emily Carroll

Through The Woods is a fun little creator owned anthology which contains [basically] 7 stories. Each of these stories focuses on an individual who finds him/herself confronted by strange and often uncomfortable happenings. All of these tales are totally original and will make the hair stand on the back of your neck. The dead may be returning, isolation is ever present, and the ominous creatures are fearful and sinister. For details on some of the specific stories, listen to the podcast!

Emily Carroll has delivered a truly horrifying experience that has something in it for everyone. She captures family dynamics and general discomfort in an innovative and engaging way that enriches the reading experience. Her art seems innocent at first glance but it is soon discovers that it hides dark threats to the characters in these stories. What the art DOESN'T hide are beautiful visuals and great layouts. Check out Carroll's website,, for more of her excellent work!

Blood and Gourd
Dead Peasant

Creators/Writers: Jenz K. Lund & D.H. Shultis
Pencils: Dave Acosta
Inks: Juan Albarran
Colors: Fran Gamboa
Letters: JC Ruiz & Jessica Jimerson

It isn't news that I am a fan of this series and everything that the Dead Peasant team is accomplishing. I actually discussed issue 1 previously, you can check that out this here link! For the seldom few who haven't read that post, Blood & Gourd is about evil people, evil pumpkins, and a small town full of great characters. For more of the plot listen to the podcast!

Shultis and Lund discuss a lot of great topics, including how they got started, the history of Blood & Gourd, advice for aspiring comic creators, some opinions on the comic industry, all sorts of great and honestly inspiring stuff. Blood and Gourd as well as the publisher behind it, Dead Peasant are heading to great places, and this interview further cements that. Check them out and pick up a copy of their first issue at Oh and spread the word, this comic is great and deserves some attention.

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Join me next time as I discuss ONE o the following two books (which one I pick depends on... things):

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