MCC Podcast #10- Elmer


Slave Labor Graphics

Writer/Artist: Gerry Alanguilan

It's here! Episode 10 of everyone's favorite indie graphic novel podcast has finally arrived! Sorry the notes are a day late. 

In this episode I discuss everything I have read in the past couple of weeks, Elmer, and of COURSE the comics and graphic novels which are being released this week!

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Elmer tells the story of a rooster name Jake who is reading through his father's journal. The journal chronicles the events which led all of the chickens in the world to start talking and the horrors for poultry and humans alike which followed.

This book is a strange masterpiece by author/artist Gerry Alanguilan that tackles social issues through a story that does NOT lack in the unique department. Plus, TALKING CHICKENS!

Let me tell you folks a great way to celebrate this wondrous 10th episode. You should go into the iTunes store and rate this podcast! If you do that then this podcast will get discovered more easily thus the books get discovered thus the creators get discovered... it's a beautiful circle of life.

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Join me next time as I bravely venture...

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