MCC Podcast #9- Suburban Glamour

Suburban Glamour

Image Comics

Art/Story/Letters: Jamie McKelvie
Colors: Matthew Wilson

Everyone tip your hat to Episode 8 of this nice little slice of independent comics! This episode I delve into the fun, well designed world of Suburban Glamour, a title that isn't super well known but absolutely should be!

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Suburban Glamour tells the story of an out of place young woman named Astrid and her buddy Dave. Astrid starts noticing strange and fantastical changes in her life that cause her to be reintroduced to some old imaginary buddies, a couple of monsters, and a cool merchant (that word sounds so much more old timey than retailer). How do these things connect? Listen to the podcast and you might get the answer! Want an even better idea? Pick up the graphic novel THEN listen to the podcast and see if our great minds think alike!

Jamie McKelvie has a slew of hits on his hands right now! His work on Phonogram and Young Avengers is really iconic stuff, filled with a well defined outline style that I have ALWAYS loved. Most recently, he has been working on another creator owned series by Image called The Wicked + The Divine (good stuff). Matthew Wilson has quite the resume as well, providing his vibrant style & colors to titles such as Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Secret Avengers, and many more.

The book is a whole mess of great and with the rising popularity of McKelvie, it is fun to see an earlier work. Plus, he wrote it AND drew it, and that's hella cool. It's a young adult book that has fantasy elements, great outfits, and killer hairstyles. What it should also have is your attention. Yes you!

All that being said, let me level with you, I'd reeeeeally appreciate some iTunes reviews. Good reviews mean this podcast gets discovered which means that these books will be better known and these creators will get more, well deserved credit. Plus you get to find out about some awesome reads along the way and that's just great! Once again you can listen to this fine piece of noise on iTunes by clicking these very letters or by searching for it on iTunes! Orrrr you could check it out on the PodOmatic page. Up to you!

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Next episode we go crazy with a world gone fowl in:

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