MCC Podcast #8- Elk's Run

Elk's Run
(podcast notes)

Viillard Books

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art: Noel Tuazon
Colors: Scott A. Keating
Letters: Jason Hanley

Good to see you, Episode 8! In this episode I focus on Elk's Run, a series that deserves so much more attention then it initially received!

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Elk's Run tells the story of a community of Vietnam war veterans and their families who live in a cult town with very strict rules. When tragedy strikes the town, some of the kids see it for the hellscape it really is, and try to mount an escape. One thing leads to another as the town begins a rapid descent into madness.

Fialkov builds a mythology and history surrounding a town that is easy to understand and a little frightening. The vets have a clear motive and a serious drive. Tuazon has a very sketchy, open lined approach to this art which lends itself to the tense atmosphere of the story, while Keating provides colors that give a definite contrast to the past and present of all of the main characters.

Elk's Run is a surprising story full of plot twistss and a guarantee of danger around every corner. The intense atmosphere and strangely believable cast add a peculiar amount of realism to this story chronicling the consequences of unchecked hubris. Give this book the attention it should have gotten 10 years ago by getting the new hardcover edition this November!

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 Next episode I may have a special guest and if so we will be discussing Rat Queens! If it ends up being me on my own for whatever reason then I will be discussing Suburban Glamour! Sounds like a win win!

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