Sifting for Gold: Titan

Titan #4

Music City Comics

What's happening on this cover? We have a super jacked General Zod that almost has an afro yelling at "The Plasmic Man". He better do something quick because some woman and a white haired Bob Saget are trapped in the monster's... lava tentacles?

Awwwwww man! Music City Comics talking Music City Comics! A clash of the past and the present! What does the past hold? I'll tell you! Dr. Donald Tong was caught in a lab explosion and finds himself transformed into some sort of blob man that can sense peoples' thoughts, make tentacles out of his appendages, grow in size... of and he has an unquenchable appetite. Elsewhere, Titan and Leslie are pumping iron when Leslie goes off to have a meeting with a scientist named Brian and she WILL NOT STOP talking about Titan and her unrequited attraction towards him. When it is discovered that Tong is out there, Leslie goes to wrangle him, only to find herself captured instead. Titan finds out and goes after Tong. They fight for a bit until a scientist shows up and throws Titan a peculiar gun. Titan takes a shot and hits Tong. Turns out the gun fired a metabolism virus of some sort that stopped Tong's hunger and made him pass out! THE E-- Oh wait... There's a back up story called Shard: The World That's a Little Rough Around the Edges about a cat man with a sword, but that might be a tale for another day. THE END

The dialogue is ok in this story, but what drove me 100% nuts was the lack of grammar & punctuation. There were just very few commas, which forced me to reread some bubbles. There is also a very dated damsel in distress situation going on, but that's whatever. Titan himself doesn't have much of a personality, but it seems like the series made sure to give some characterization to everyone else. That's fine and all, but if you are going to have a title character of a story then give him some personality! 

Everything that bugged me about the writing aside, I kind of dug the art. It uses whites, blues, and blacks (trichromatic?) for negative space and shading and honestly, it works. Donald Tong is super cartoony and gets drawn with some pretty epic faces and actions. Titan is a little too muscular for my liking and the other characters look fine and mostly consistent from panel to panel (more or less). There are even some panels where Leslie looks almost normal! Gotta say though, on the first page there are some dudes in hazmat suits that look pretty legit. Environments can be a little sketchy and blocky, but not bad. Art wise, I could see this style being used in a modern independent press comic. I think it would work in that medium more so than a superhero book.

Music City Comics, one of many publishers formed in the late 80's early 90's, tried to establish a base of creator owned titles that had a slight twist, two total by the end of things. While I don't know about the rest of the series, this chapter in the genetically engineered Titan, did not quite hold up. It would appear the "Hero of Tomorrow", ended up being a character of yesterday... Cool before it's time art though! New Music City Comics podcast next Wednesday!

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