MCC Podcast #6- Wildfire vol. 1

Wildfire vol. 1

Top Cow/Image

Creators: Matt Hawkins & Linda Sejic
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Art/Colors: Linda Sejic
Letters: Troy Peteri

Episode 6 of the Music City Comics podcast?! Don't mind if I do! Let's talk about how scary GMOs (genetically modified organisms) become in the first arc of the Top Cow series, Wildfre!

Tell you what, why don't you go ahead and download the podcast in iTunes (oh no way, a link!) orrrrr on Podomatic (wowzer! another link)! It'll be fun!

I'm telling you folks, I am really getting the hang of this thing. Feels good! Enough about me though, let's talk Wildfire!

Quick heads up- in the episode I mentioned that Stjepan Sejic did the covers. I meant for some of the issues and NOT the trade. Sorry for the confusion.

Wildfire vol. 1 tells the story about some scientists that wish to solve world hunger via genetically modified food. When the deadlines get pushed up, an accident happens a plague of dandelions envelops Los Angeles and puts the city and it's citizens in serious peril. From there it is a tale of survival as Dr. Dan, Ashley, Violet and numerous others fight to escape the city that is becoming deadlier by the minute.

Hawkins writes a threatening scenario that has a whole mess of scientific fact behind it. He also does a great job of writing the characters reactions to all of the chaos happening around them. He has a new book called Tithe coming out today. Linda Sejic has produced  some stunning visuals that add a severe level of intensity to the situation. She also draws characters faces to perfectly match the situation for an even more rich storytelling experience. See more of her art here.

So if science is your thing, or more specifically scientific catastrophies, then check this bad boy out! In the back they include a whole bunch of  GMO facts which shows that this team has done their research. While this is a great story on its own, you can tell there is also a good chunk of social commentary going down here. Check out the podcast for more of this intense but enjoyable disaster story.

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Join me next episode for the controversial French graphic novel that inspired a beautiful movie:

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