MCC Podcast #7- Blue is the Warmest Color

Blue is the Warmest Color

Arsenal Pulp Press

Story/Art/Colors: Julie Maroh

Why hello there episode 7! This episode I focus on Blue is the Warmest Color which many people may know as a French film. Well it turns out that it was actually a graphic novel first, and a good one at that!

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Blue is the Warmest Color tells the story of a girl named Clementine who goes on a journey of self discovery when she sees a blue haired girl named Emma that she cannot get out of her head. The story goes into the passion, struggles, joys, and tragedies of their (mostly beautiful) relationship.

Julie Maroh  gives this story a perfect tone with strong emotional beats and poetic dialogue that doesn't err on the side of cheesiness. Her art style, especially when it comes to faces, adds a whole other level to this story, giving characters expressions that make those emotional beats even more palpable. She has a website that is all in French, but it's pretty easy to navigate. Click here for a visit!

This is a controversial and beautiful story that goes under the radar and for many audiences, is in the shadow of the film. I had no idea this was a graphic novel at all until I just happened upon it, but it's definitely worth reading. The story is not full of action, but it makes you feel a LOT and looks beautiful doing it. Oh and I believe the movie is on American Netflix if anyone is interested, I'm not sure about other countries.

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