Sifting For Gold #16- Dark Claw

Legends of the Dark Claw #1

Amalgam Comics

What's on... THE COVER?!
Clearly this cover shows Batman rea--- wait sorry, shows Wolver-- hold on... I'm confused. Hey everyone, check out that awesome gargoyle!

What's on... THE INSIDE?!
I would like to preface this by saying that Dark Claw is a rich orphan with adamantium claws and a healing factor. Though he has many Batman-esque moves and mannerisms, his speech patterns are allllll Wolverine, so his niceties are very surprising.

When this issue starts we have Dark Claw fighting Hyena (a Joker-Sabretooth hybrid) who manages to get away with no thanks to Dark Claw's sidekick, Sparrow (a mixture of Robin and Jubilee, who says she would prefer to be called Death Urge Overdrive). Meanwhile, Carol Danvers, aka the Huntress breaks into rich "techno wizard" Logan's penthouse and discovers he is the Dark Claw, only to be caught by Logan/Dark Claw in the process. Huntress shows she knows a bit about the Dark Claw and his origin. Blah blah blah, experiment to create a killing machine etc etc Hyena was made, so on and so forth Dark Claw was the failure of the experience because he had... a conscience. Since she already knows so much, Dark Claw let's her into his Batca-- I mean "the Barrow". 
From there Sparrow, Huntress, and Dark Claw discover that the Hyena is going to try to poison the president! Luckily, the president is currently flying to Gotham (yes, it's still Gotham, there is also a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier).

Okay so Sparrow does NOT like Huntress (it's a real Wendy-Tinkerbell scenario) and when they catch up to the presidents plane, Huntress has to shoot a grappling gun. When it is time Sparrow says "...Tell that slut to take her shot!" Ohhhh man I got so mad! There was no reason for it! None! It took me out of the zone and made me uncomfortable! Sorry for the soap box or whatever, I was just so mad!

Anyway, the gang catches up to it and stops the Hyena... buuuuuuuuuuuuut he escapes again, but Dark Claw is hopeful that he will catch up. TO BE CONTINUED?!?!

But What About... THE ART?!
The characters are all ripped and have powerful movements accented by the fast paced fight scenes. I really dig the Sparrow character model. She could use some leggings or tights or something, but still, I dig it, especially with her sunglasses. Both Bat Claw and the Hyena are very recognizable amalgamations of the characters they're based on, which makes for a more fun read. Gotham looks like a concrete jungle a la Batman the Animated Series, with an atmosphere and a color scheme to match. Despite some regular Wolverine behaviors, this looks/feels like it could be a 90's Batman issue (more or less).

Which brings us to... THE CONCLUSION!
Amalgam Comics was (is?) a shared comic imprint of DC and Marvel (obviously). Some series were better than other, but Dark Claw had quite the little fan base. The issue is a fun attempt to do something different to some popular characters. For the time I can see it being a super out there and fun read. Currently though, I think I paid the perrrrrfect price. Who knows, maybe Amalgam Comics will be a world in Multiversity or something., that'd be pretty nuts! Thanks for reading, as always.

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