Doctors, Fantasy, Cat's With Large Noggins

Ok guys. I know I talk about a lot of Image and Dark Horse and occasionally some IDW... so let's switch it up and talk about a publisher that deserves some attention (don't get me wrong, those other ones do too, I love all these publishers). In case you can't tell, that publisher is Titan Comics. For a while now this publication has consistently and successfully pumped out licensed properties, such as Doctor Who and Evil Within comics, as well as original titles such as Sally of the Wastelands, Death Sentence, and 13 Coins. Confidently dishing out these stories is resulting in definite growth in the publication's impact in the comic book community (as well as my subscription list) and it looks like they are going to up the ante even more this year with a slew of new original books. Let's talk about some of them!

Scarlett Couture

Scarlet Couture is written and illustrated by Des Taylor, who is slightly new to the comic book community (with some great work on Doctor Who covers under his belt) but in no way new to creating spectacular visuals. On his website,, you can see some of the stunning art he has worked on. This creator owned series sees Taylor writing/drawing the adventures of CIA special ops agent, Scarlett. From the preview images that have been released this series is going to be an action packed thrill ride, complete with a kidnapping which forces the character to race against the clock. The action sequences are intense and the character models are all fun and a welcome change to this genres usual style. Scarlett Couture is going to be a 4 issue series that starts in April.

Surface Tension

Man this series looks nuts! Jay Gunn (previously worked on cover art for Cthulhu Tales) writes and draws this series. What's it about? It's about a future where a strange coral drew 99% of humanity into the ocean, causing a near extinction level event. The survivors are hanging in there on a small island but when something questionable winds up on the beach, the fragment of comfort that these survivor's had left is put into jeopardy. Gunn's art is creepy and colorful, as he crafts a tale that will constantly make readers curious about the survivors' next move. The story delves into treatment of the Earth and looks compelling as hell! The series is going to be 5 issues and the first comes out in May!

World War X: Book 1

Jerry Frissen (of Lucha Libre fame) writes and Peter Snejbjerg (Books of Magic, Starman) illustrates the first chapter of this original graphic novel series focusing on an alien invasion that had been eluded to through much of humanity's history. With the planet's citizens discovering these invaders too late, humanity is forced to fight for their lives as everything around them begins to implode. Some people survive, some people become enslaved (kind of), but everyone gets affected. While Frissen handles the fear and severity of the situation effectively, Snejbjerg delivers frightening visuals that captivate humanity's descent and fight for survival. This graphic novel is out now! AND it's only $15.99!

Yes folks... Titan Comics has a busy and glorious year ahead of it, and these are all titles that are only beginning in spring. There is a huge selection of other titles they being released this year, such as Death Sentence: London, White Trash, Masked, Norman, and some more stories involving classic Roman Dirge characters (Lenore and The Cat With a Really Big Head). Yes sir, this company is already big, and it's going to just keep getting bigger. Head to to see what is out and what's on the way. Oh, also, do yourself a favor and check your local comic shop for the Titan Comics 2015 Spring Preview fo free! Thanks for reading!


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