Sifting for Gold #15- COPS

Cops #7 (1988)

DC Comics

What's On The Cover?
Isn't it obvious! One of the employees of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) is stomping out crime with his elephant transformer known as the Tramplur. The criminal in question has gray hair, and may just be an innocent old man with metallic shoulder armor... who knows, really.

What's Happening Inside?
The evil scientist Badvibes is working on his robot, Buzzbomb, when a giant tube crashes through his ceiling and sucks him and the robot into an enormous mechanical elephant! Who is piloting this pachyderm? A rogue cop from out of town named Rogue! The vigilante (sorta) goes on a rampage in Empire City, arresting people and destroying property, regular police stuff? Rogue wants the evil scientist to make his Tramplur even more emenacing, but that requires income, so he starts stealing money from criminals. 

The non-rogue cops notice the destruction and piece together the fellow's real identity and discover he was the crazed inventor of the overpowered Tramplur, Paxton Dern, so they set out to find him. Meanwhile, at Rogue's base, Badvibes, who has been tied up for a while, notices that there is a buzz saw near him, and after some fancy footwork, flips the saw on (with a light switch) and cut the ropes keeping him captive. Badvibes runs to Big Boss, the worst criminal in the city, and warns him about Rogue and the Tramplur. Little does Big Boss know, Rogue WANTED Badvibes to warn him! 
TO BE CONTINUED?! (though probably not by me)

What's it Look Like?
The art is a bit of a house style for many comics in the 80's. The characters all have very broad shoulders. All of the armor in the story relies on flair over functionality a la Saturday action cartoons or action figures. The Tramplur itself is big, bulky, and boxy, seeming much larger than is necessary. Backgrounds shift between varying levels of detail, which is whatever, I mean it's architecture in a goofy made up city. The cops all have unique and fun costumes and there are some INCREDIBLE mustaches in this story.

I don't get it... people keep getting shocked by the Tramplur and surprised when it shows up... but it has to walk everywhere by stomping VERY loudly. Also, there are huge circular footprints wherever it goes. How have they not found this guy?! And another thing! Hasn't Rogue ever heard of jurisdictions?! He's from another town, so what the what?! This issue is so ridiculous... I sort of want to pick up more, but I don't know why! If you want an over the top 80's action series, then give COPS a read.

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