Sifting for Gold #14

Captain N: The Game Master #3 (1990)


What I Think is Happening on the Cover
...Not a whole lot. Except some super hipster with great hair and an NES controller belt is committing a hate crime on a poor unsuspecting creature! It's cool though, he's licensed by Nintendo.

What is Actually Happening in the Book
Captain N (aka Kevin), Kid Icarus (a cherub from a game of the same name), and a nice young lady named Lana, and a dog named Duke find themselves surrounded by exploding reactors! If they blow, it will kill everyone in Video City! The only one who can stop is is Mother Brain (of the Metroid series) but she is a coma. The quartet go into Mother Brain's mind to try to wake her up. Annnnnyway, I'm not 100% sure how, but the gang rescues Mother Brain and the city (using a computer virus antidote in Mother Brain's... brain). PHASE 1 COMPLETE!

In the second story, Captain N is showing off the powers of his super NES controller belt (not a Super Nintendo controller, just a SUPER Nintendo controller), lethal Duck Hunt gun, and newfound agility. He demonstrates these abilities by fighting off Space Invaders (from the classic game of course). Then his batteries run out (which is what he deserves for being a show off) just as the Eggplant Wizard (of the Kid Icarus series) and a squadron of tomato men start to attack! Luckily Samus Aran (also of the Metroid series) shows up and helps a brother out. PHASE 2 COMPLETE!

In the final story of the issue, Duke and Captain N have switched bodies! Lana and Kid Icarus think that Captain N lost his voice, to which one of them exclaims, "Oh-oh! How will my hero give me orders?" It doesn't show which character said that, but it's upsetting whether it came from the full grown woman or the infantile cherub. Meanwhile, King Hippo (of Punch-Out) is schemeing with Mother Brain to use a gun on Captain N that will turn him into a dimwit. The N team then gets ambushed by crocodile mobsters with tommy guns! The gang (minus the dog... which is really Captain N) gets cornered inside a building. Captain N (the dog) sees King Hippo waiting for the unsuspecting group to come out of the building, and lures him into a used flying saucer, then sends King Hippo into space. A button gets pressed on the NES controller belt, which causes Duke and Captain N get put back in their right bodies. PHASE 3 COMPLETE?

What the Book Looks Like
Captain N was also a Saturday morning cartoon and the issue is drawn to accommodate that. It really looks with a little animation this would be a regular cartoon. It is fun to see the depictions of classic Nintendo characters and how they interact with eachother. The backgrounds of the cities are colorful and have varying types of building to go along with different game genres. With vibrant colors, cartoony visuals, and video game characters, this must have been a 90's kid's dream!

What We Learned
Captain N: The Game Master is a book I discuss with a little bias. I don't remember a ton about the cartoon, but I remember enough that this issue caught my eye with a hint of nostalgia. It's goofy and fun and reeeeeeeally has that late 80's early 90's vibe... but that's totally cool. With Valiant being on the rise, maybe we will see this title come back (but for some reason I highly doubt it). Every other Wednesday I sift for gold, but this time I found it. Also, podcast next Wednesday!

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