MCC Podcast #3- In Real Life

In Real Life 

First Second

Writer: Cory Doctorow
Artist: Jen Wang

It's finally here! Music City Comics episode 3! This episode focuses on an original graphic novel that many people can relate to, In Real Life. This graphic novel is of extreme importance as a work of literature, teaching lessons by educating the reader on issues that are very present in modern society (gamer society in particular). At the end of the episode, I also mention a few books coming out in the second half of February, and they sound reeeeal neat.

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What is In Real Life? It is a story starring a young girl named Anda who begins to experience the pleasantries of online gaming. She soon realizes that they aren't always fun for everyone. Throughout the story she faces many new and uncomfortable topics such as cyber bullying, underage employment, and more. Doctorow and Wang present this story in a beautiful fashion, so make sure to pick it up after checking out the podcast (or before and you can agree or disagree with my opinions).

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Join me next time as I discuss Leaving Megalopolis Vol. 1!

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