MCC Podcast #2- The Motherless Oven

The Motherless Oven (2014)

Writer/Artist: Rob Davis

Episode 2 of the Music City Comics official podcast! Yeah! In this episode I discuss one of my favorite graphic novels of 2014 (possibly of all time), The Motherless oven! Also in this episode I try a different format, with far less spoilers and more trivia and facts. Download this episode from the iTunes store by clicking on this link! If you don't have iTunes then you can check it out here instead.

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To give a brief synopsis, The Motherless Oven is about Scarper Lee, a boy who will be dying in a few days, and his new friends (for the most part) Vera and Castro. The three kids go on a mission to find Scarper's curious and mechanical father which takes them on a journey where they get to truly explore and question the strange world they live in.

In the podcast I mentioned a short comic which Rob Davis worked on that in some ways indirectly relates to The Motherless Oven called How I Built My Father. That short can be read by clicking here. Check out his other blog entries at! You should also check out The Complete Don Quixote, in which Davis illustrates Miguel de Cervantes's classic story.

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Join me next time as I discuss the heart filled tale known as:

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