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If you are reading this, chances are you know how to use the internet. If you know how to use the internet, chances are you know what Kickstarter is. If for some reason you don't, here's the gist. Kickstarter is a website where creators and entrepreneurs can get funding from the many denizens of the internet in hopes of have the money available to realize their creation or business. Each project is only available for a limited time and the people posting have a goal they hope to reach. As the potential backers of these projects donate money, they are often guaranteed a variety of awards and thank yous for their contribution. If they reach or exceed the goal then GREAT! That project will happen! If the goal isn't reached then unfortunately, they will have to find funding elsewhere or try again at a later date. Kickstarter has a variety of different categories of projects including film, music, theater, technology food, games, and many more. 

This is a comic book blog, so we will be featuring 3 titles currently eligible for funding. Everytime I look under this category, I see that fans of the medium really band together, as many of the projects exceed their goals. Some awesome projects that deserve some attention are:

TerraQuill Collected
Posted by Shawn Daley

Shawn Daley was first writing/drawing these stories as an exercise and when he realized that they could be and were something far more than that, decided to make a collection. The characters are of all shapes, sizes and species, further providing a personality for the land of TerraQuill. This trade is an anthology of 10 stories. However, unlike many anthologies, all of these stories take place in the same world, which is sprawling enough to get it's own map. Stories range from realistic to fantasy and each one is full of emotion. You can read the story when it is published for as little as $10, but if you can spend a little more you can also get some original artwork from Shawn Daley. This project is available for about another month and you can find it by clicking right here. You can visit Shawn Daley's blog by going here!

Satellites Vol. 1
Posted by Joe Bluhm

Satellites is an anthology written and illustrated by 9 different cartoonists, all of which are hella talented! This all star team includes:
Joe Bluhm -
Kendra Phillips -
Adam Volker -
Vanesa R. Del Rey -
Christina Ellis -
Drew Alderfer -
Jeremy Townsend -
Kimberly Kuchenbecker -
Beavan Blocker
How CAN'T you support that?! Each story is exceptionally well drawn and has a distinct look and feel. There is a very large set of back rewards and this book is also available to read for as little as $10, but with the opportunity for original art, you should show some more love. The link to this project is right here! Hurry up though, there are only 11 days left!

Love Me Nice: Volume 1
Posted by, Amanda Lafrenais

Love Me Nice is being collected in it's first printed volume! The story takes place in a world where cartoon actors/charactors live among regular humans, and in particular, a studio called Fable. Amanda's art is PERFECT for this type of story and her goal is very pure. That goal being, if she is getting income from the story, then it can start getting produced again. She is also revamping the art and layouts of the pages, providing an even more cohesive story. This story can be obtained for (again) only $10, and additional rewards include charms, more graphic novels from Amanda, a sticker, and art. Find out more about this project by clicking right here. This project is only going to be available for 12 MORE DAYS! Also, Amanda Lafrenais's website is at this link!

There you have it! A couple really great projects and the people who are creating them. Kickstarter provides a terrific medium for comic writers/artists to produce works that we wouldn't normally see. It also gives people a chance to get out there with their great work! On Monday I will actually be writing about a graphic novel which was originally funded on Kickstarter. It pretty much goes without saying, but the website is As I said earlier, there are TONS of great projects on Kickstarter, and new ones are getting added/old ones are being removed all the time. Want some more suggestions? Rapid fire...................... GO!

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