Sifting for Gold #12

There is someone on this planet... as close to a god as can be... a man shrouded in mystery... and he has a comic book! This is:

Prince and the Power Generation: Three Chains of Gold (1992)
Piranha Music

Looking at this cover, what do you see? I see Prince, with swagger for days, holding a microphone gun in the Chamber of Secrets. Look out though Prince! There is a poorly camouflaged woman with a sword gun (or perhaps a gun sword). By that look on Prince's face... she won't be a problem.

The king of Eridu, city of Erech, somewhere in the Middle East, is stepping down and wants to crown his daughter as ruler. To do so, she must wear three chains of gold. When his brother discovers this plan (it wasn't really a secret) he refuses to allow it and punches the king in the face, causing him to fall to his death (security must be awful there). Meanwhile Prince is in the middle of performing a concert with the New Power Generation (also in Eridu) when all of a sudden a police officer orders them to stop because their western music is forbidden. I'm not entirely sure why he waited till the middle of the concert, he must have been waiting on Purple Rain. Princess Mayte is in the audience and tells the cop it's cool, so the cop lets them continue to play. After the concert, the Princess gets Prince and takes him out on a date (with her bodyguard Raj in tow) which is cut short when she receives news her father has died. She runs to the castle, but first give Prince a golden necklace. The king's evil brother Tammuz realizes 3 golden necklaces to be king (one he took off the old kings corpse), and the Princess gave hers to  Prince, so he frames her for murder and goes a searchin'. Prince is mixing his album when an assassin sneaks up on him. Once he is dispatched Prince goes to make sure the Princess is okay, which she is clearly not. She states that they must get the third necklace from a tomb, so Prince calls the New Power Generation and they set out to find it.

Once the gang gets... somewhere else in the Middle East (via plane crash) they are rushed by fans. Not the Princess, no one cares about her. After a brief gunfight (not important) they get the hell outta Dodge on some camels. Prince and the Princess break into the perilous tomb and make their way to where the chain is. Who's waiting for them though?! Tammuz! He takes the chain off of the corpse it was on (he digs that sort of thing), which triggers a laser trap that bounces off Prince's necklace and right back into Tammuz's heart. The end is a little strange... once the good guys have the 3 necklaces, the Princess gives Prince the entire kingdom but then I think he gives it back. It's unclear.

Let's make this brief. The backgrounds sometimes have a few lines for definition or are just solid colors. The clouds are a lovely shade of purple because why not. Character-wise they have nice expressive faces, especially Prince who is always ready for business. The book does a great job of showing that Prince does, in fact, have chest hair. The Princess is drawn very well in most of her panels, as is Prince, who's outfits are always fierce. That's pretty much it. Not a whole lot in terms of shading or anything.

So if you want a book that is a mixture of Aladdin and... well I don't know what else, then check this out. The story is predictable, obviously, but it is fun to see Prince in a comic and the novelty is enjoyable. If you decide you like this story for some reason, I encourage you to check out some of Prince's other comic appearances by Piranha Music OR check out the movie version of this story for some quality VHS fun!

If I were to pick one panel to sum up this issue, it'd have to be:

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