Trade in the Noise, Trade in the Funk

Do you like supporting art and and sampling works? Of course you do! That's why I'd like to tell you about:

NoiseTrade ( is a website where writers and musicians can post their work or samples of their work for anyone to download. The downloads are completely free, however, everything has a suggested (totally voluntary) tip amount. If you really like what you see, then give a couple bucks back to support those who brought it to you. There are lots of categories on the site, but we will obviously be focusing on the Comic & Graphic Novels genre (located under the Books tab if you are on the site), a couple books in particular.

The Only Living Boy (by, David Gallagher and Steve Ellis) is a webseries that currently has 3 entries on NoiseTrade as well as a sketchbook. The elevator pitch: Erik is a boy with no memory in a place he doesn't know or understand. Armed with exactly what you see in the photo above, he must try to carve a place for himself in this mysterious place. The art is clean and the shading is realistic and precise. Erik is a well written character who is given a great deal of definition through the story thus far. The series can also be followed at

Weird Fishes, with art and story by Jamaica Dyer is a surreal coming of age story about the lives of two peculiar friends and how they deal with what life is tossing their way. The story is 3 issues long, all three of which are on NoiseTrade. The art is an INCREDIBLE use of linework and watercolor. I mean look at that cover! It's rad! This story is also published in a graphic novel available on, however it is in black and white, which doesn't do it justice. I encourage you to download this off NoiseTrade, so you can see the vibrant colors and further support this artist/writer. View more of Jamaica Dyer's work at

PaperFilms is a collaborative imprint composed of Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Justin Gray, Paul Mounts, Patrick Wedge, and Frank Tieri. This group has a versatile skill set, including writing/drawing their own comics! They have a sampler available on NoiseTrade that has excerpts from the four books shown above. This sample exudes quality and a general love of this art form. Many of the works that PaperFilms produces have been on Kickstarter before and were quite successful. If you would like to check these works, writers, and artists out further then visit (I would also keep an eye out on Kickstarter.)

There are numerous other issues and series available on NoiseTrade and the library continues to grow! The works range from full indie series to samples from Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe. Everyone should go and check this out and try at least a couple titles. Just remember, if you like what you read, then go back to the book's page and tip the team. These creators were brave enough to put books online for free, and they deserve recognition for them. Again, that website is Happy reading!

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