Time for Celebration!

The holidays are upon us and we are approaching the eye of the storm! I will be taking a week long break but will return on Monday the 29th with a strange tale about an eerie house. For now however, let's talk about some books that will give you the reason for the season.

The Last Christmas is a tale with such big names attached to it as Brian Posehn, Gerry Dugan (both of which recently worked on Deadpool) and Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Uncanny Avengers). The story revolves around Santa Claus and his endeavors after a zombie apocalypse has overtaken the world (and all of the Christmas spirit)! He kicks a lot of ass and turns out to be quite capable with fire arms. The series is silly, violent and just straight up fun, and that's exactly what you should expect. The artistic interpretation of Santa Claus makes him look badass and the action sequences are gory and awesome! Cover price for this book is $14.99.

Batman: Noel is basically the retelling of a Christmas Carol written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo. The story centers around a civilian who is not sure if he should continue his life of crime and of course, Batman as he meets up with familiar faces that represent the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. The story uses characters we already know and adds a storyline we are all somewhat familiar with to create a really charming and heartfelt holiday tale. Bermejo's depictions of the classic Batman characters is worth a mention as they all look incredible (especially a certain flying man who truly glows). Cover price for this book is $22.99. It is in a well structured hardcover and is usually on sale around the holidays.

Blankets, written and illustrated by Craig Thompson, isn't exactly a Christmas story, but it is a semi-autobiographical journey through the life of a young man who questions his heart when it comes to relationships, faith, and his future. It is a story that is familiar in some way to pretty much everyone who reads it.  The book takes place almost entirely in a winter drawn to feel cold. Thompson uses the white of the pages to make the snow seem like an endless landscape for the characters to explore. The retail for the paperback is $29.95 and the gorgeous hardcover is $39.95, both are well worth it for this intimate story spanning over 500 pages. I will absolutely go into this book more during a podcast in the future (possibly January).

There are always more stories to read, but those will have to wait till next year. So have a great holiday (whichever it may be) and I will talk to you all on the 29th. Thanks for reading!

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