Symbiote Alien Darkness Fighting Madness

Symbiotic battles, aliens, the forces of darkness and decay... all of these are common place in the unfortunately cancelled series:

NecroWar (2003)
Dreamwave Productions
Creator: Pat Lee
Writer: Simon Furman
Artist/Colors: Adi Granov
Letters: Ben Lee

NecroWar was a series developed by Dreamwave Productions that produced a 3 issue "season" in 2003. There is a letter to the readers in the back of the 3rd issue where the writer states that there is more story to tell. Sales apparently weren't as high as anticipated, so they were going to give the story a break and then revamp it with issue 4. Unfortunately, this never happened, and Dreamwave Productions went defunct in 2005. So where does that leave us? What kind of story do we get in these 3 issues? I'll tell you.

NecroWar centers around the death obsessed Damien Arnaz primarily. Damien is a Dragoon class recruit in "The Alliance" who has more or less been volunteered for an experiment that will hopefully protect individuals and produce an offense against a sinister presence known as the Progeny. Allied with the humans are 3 other races: the robotic Tal, the lion-like Boka, and the wrinkly faced Ul Ghural. These groups reluctantly formed a very uneasy alliance, as the power of the Progeny proved too great. What  is the Progeny? It is a monstrous force of dark matter and dragon-like creatures who wants to bring death to the entire universe. In charge of this force is the H. R. Giger-esque Lord Dracona, who wishes to spell doom for everyone by awakening the power of The Necrosis.

Alright so Damien, his pal (and only human female in the series) Ashley Colt, and a couple other recruits are using a symbiote armor which supposedly can fight back against the Progeny forces. A nearby planet called Archtu Ultima has recently gone dark, and these individuals have to go find out why. Upon landing and exploring the inky planet, they get ambushed, and every one of them dies... That's not the end though, and in the two issues following there is clearly the making of what could have been an awesome series. Furman and Lee were doing a great job of giving the information we needed to get by while still producing mythos that made this universe interesting. It isn't the best story I have every read, but it had incredible promise and in my opinion could have grown into quite the sci-fi epic.

Adi Granov is an artist who has done a toooon of work for Marvel (particularly some gorgeous covers) as well as some other publishers, so when I saw the name on here I was very intrigued. Each page has a realistic ALMOST photographic quality about it. The human figures are fit but make perfect sense and the forces of the Progeny are clearly sinister. When everyone has their armor on it is a little hard to tell who is who, but honestly that is dwarfed by the narrative/dialogue mainly used by Damien and the quality of the illustrations. Plus, this series came out in 2003 and was all illustrated digitally. That's crazy cool! The colors and brightness are both intentionally limited, giving the sense that even when the Progeny isn't an immediate threat, it is always present to the characters. There is also a lot to say about the other species, who are human in form but are each very clearly defined in their own unique way.

NecroWar was a cool series heading in an even cooler direction. If I were to compare the story to something a little more current I would say that it is a mix between Mass Effect and Neon Genesis Evangelion (...current is a relative term). The big issue is that this series came too early. It was definitely before it's time and I think that if it were to be published today it would have much more success. Who knows? Maybe that will happen eventually. For now, you can find these issues at Seeya Monday!

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