Sifting for Gold #8

Woah no way! Another animal based superhero team?! Tubular!

Street Sharks #2 (1996)
Archie Comics

Alright so I see that the book is by Archie Comics but he is not on the cover so I am going to assume they ate him. This cover teaches us many things. It teaches us that sharks can kick but on land or in the sea, they often do BMX stunts, and they all look quite fetching in a nice pair of slacks. Yes, these smiling, monster fighting creatures sure can be majestic... But what's their story?

Alright so we have four handsome sharks that all have real names buuuuut I'm going to stick with their code names. We've got the dark blue Ripster, the hammerheaded Jab, ol' purple striped Streex, and the brown with white spots powerhouse: Slammu. They fight a dude named Paradigm who has two lackeys: a crazed lobster man named Slobster and a... well I guess it's a swordfish man... simply named Slash.

This issue starts with the Street Sharks imprisoned by Paradigm, who wants to perform gene splicing experiments on them, but there is a traitor in his midst who frees them! The sharks find Paradigm and fight his human croneys while the doctor himself gets spun around by Slammu and Jab (sure why not). Then their friend Bends, who is waiting with a getaway car, hails them and they drive into a tunnel leading to their secret base. Later on, Bends is just hanging out when Slobster and Slash show up out of no where and kidnap him! Paradigm wants to try splicing his DNA with a piranhas (mostly for kicks) to make him the perfect killing machine. The Street Sharks allow themselves to be captured so that Slobster and Slash will bring them to the evil base, and then they break out of their handcuffs and chew on a power line until it falls and electrocutes the two goons. The sharks go in and rescue Bends, but Paradigm gets accidentally spliced with the piranha DNA which has somehow made him stronger and he kicks the collective ass of the sharks. They run away and Paradigm swears he will catch them. LE FIN! (because there are sharks involved)

You know what this art remind me of? Almost every other 90s comic. All animal-human hybrids are super jacked, and there are so many unnecessary machines all over the place. In this book, stuff is either mostly colorful and in your face, or just black. Not much of an in between. Later on Paradigm wears a power suit, which is drawn with a caution light, claw, harpoon, gun, knee pads, and a zipper from the top of his gut to the bottom. The 90's were silly. I do think the human characters have fun/cartoony expressions on their faces though.

Well it's a goofy book about a goofy team who fight goofy villains. Case closed. Street Sharks had a cartoon series as well as an action figure line (that was pretty cool). I tell ya, shows love to try to use the TMNT fame. What this series successfully did was bring to light some awesome catch phrases, specifically "JAWESOME!" and "SHARK ATTACK!" (that's their battle cry).

If I were to pick one panel to sum up this issue, it'd have to be:

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