Sifting for Gold #6

Alright folks, it's gonna be a short one this week. In a world where moles perform science and bears (I think it's a bear) volunteer for experiments there is:

The Lab 2 Electric Boogaloo #2 (2003)
Blue Dream Studios/Astonish Comics

We've got two superhappy animal-humanoid things... a bowtie clad mole and a bear/dog/marmot? with hungry eyes. Do you see what's going on here? The bear/dog/marmot creature (you know what... let's assume it's a bear) is trying to get you to look away, and when you do... HE STRIKES. Oh yeah, and they are masterfully dancing in the background.

PREPARE FOR A COMPELLING STORY! Estaban the bear and Livingston the mole venture into their new lab for the first time after the first one apparently blew up. Livingston is stoked and Estaban just starts playing with chemicals and accidentally blows up this lab too. It's ok though, it's salvageable and it gets cleaned up nicely. There is a mysterious vial that Livingston has Estaban taste and you get the feeling that it tastes like straight up butthole. Estaban pretend it tastes like grape and gets Livingston to try it and he almost keels over. Time passes and they don't know why it's not working. Eventually they decide to do other work and turn on some tunes and Estaban starts dancing and singing uncontrollably... that's what the liquid in the vial does. So he dances to Elvis, Dean Martin, Michael Jackson etc. much to Livingston's amusement. Once it wears off it's discovered that Livingston has the same symptoms due to the amount he ingested, so Estaban gets back at him while filming him as he strips.

Look at this art. It speaks for itself. It is early CG much like Reboot was (props if you remember it) which basically means it's good for kids but doesn't provide much in terms of environment and character definition. The faces are expressive enough though, Estaban in particular. The dance moves are basically a step by step process of what the dances actually look like. It's a kid's book! Relax!

Alright so if you like books where moles and bears dance to popular songs then this is for you. If you like to watch people who don't get along unmercifully embarrass each other than this is for you. If you like science that makes perfect sense (dancing serums are straight up science) then this... might not be for you. HOWEVER, if you have kids, this may be for you. I could see kids liking it. I'm pretty impressed that this is The Lab 2, that emans they got through whatever The Lab 1 was.

If I were to pick one panel to sum up this issue, it'd have to be:

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