Sifting for Gold #5

No intro can accurately describe:

Brats Bizarre #1 (1994)
Epic Comics

Looking at this cover, this books got it all! Cirque du Soleil rejects, a mostly naked woman with a serious wedgie, not one but TWO alabaster white folks (one with anime eyes), a devil lady, and two dudes with navy blue masks who clearly hate shirts with collars.

I won't normally do this but instead of a full issue synopsis I will quote the description on the back:
"A government experiment on Autism spawns a new breed of heroes. Breaking free of the puritanical parentage of their leader, Mr. Petra, a group of these teenaged "superkind" seeks a life where they are free to express their every adolescent whims. They are on nobody's side. Nobody's friends. They may just be their own worst enemies-- super-powered rebels without a cause! They are the BRATS BIZARRE." 

Is it just me... or does that sound like an INSTANT hit. In this issue (the first of four), the flamboyant team runs over pedestrians, goes crazy and kills most of the competitors at the Mean Hog Rally (hog as in motorcycle), recap their tragic origin (which shows them all in the same costumes but as kids... which is weird) and does whatever else they can to not be like the other superpowered folks in town.

The art is extremely colorful, in many ways to it's detriment. The backgrounds are very bright and tend to blend into the action or characters in the panels. I understand what is happening here and the desire to make each panel vibrant however it's a little much here. The human figures look alright, most of them are accurate minus the waste lines on some of the ladies, the muscles on some of the dudes, and a couple long necks. I will say this though, the facial expressions are fun, every smile is very Joker-esque.

This book is clearly trying to make characters that don't have your typical origin or behave like comic superpowered folks are expected to act. In many ways that goal is achieved, and for when it came out I could see how this was crazy out there and borderline innovative. I guess the world just wasn't quite ready for these flamboyant characters... but at least the issue came with trading cards!

If I were to pick one panel to sum up this issue, it'd have to be:

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