Sifting for Gold #4

Today we are going to discuss a real American hero. None other than:

Mr. T and the T Force #1 (1993)
NOW Comics 

In this book, Mr. T is, as always, a street tough warrior for righteousness (more or less). Armed only with his muscles, street smarts, and gun (that's actually a video camera) he starts to clean up the streets. The issue starts out with Mr. T beating the snot out of some punk drug dealers when all of a sudden he gets tazered from behind by the ringleader. He points his super threatening video camera at him and the ringleader does an evil monologue about selling drugs. Mr. T says the gun is a VHS camcorder and he will turn it into the police so the ringleader and his cronies run for their lives. Probably because cameras steal your soul.

The drug dealers from earlier are all unconscious except for one that he takes with him because he hears a mysterious noise in a dumpster. The source of the sound turns out to be a baby that was thrown away by a reeeeal d-bag. Mr. T gives the baby to the drug dealer and forces him to bring it to a clinic (what kind of clinic is never revealed). He slaps a GPS/FaceTime (but not because it was 1993) bracelet on the dudes arm to make sure he is staying on the straight and narrow. The drug dealer gets to the clinic and tells a nurse about the baby. The nurse thinks he is just being negligent and gets so mad she quits on the spot. Some kids try to stop her and the drug dealer notices they have the same bracelets as him. Meanwhile, Mr. T finds a crime boss (a 10-foot tall Native American) who is pissed that Mr. T has been messing up business. THE END.

The art is... fun. The faces are detailed and the highlights make everyone shine. ESPECIALLY Mr. T... he looks like a sun god. Every single action is overexaggerated in the best way, with movement lines everywhere. It was almost manga-esque with some of the actions. Oh and everyone is pretty toned. Oh and a dude has a sleeveless tee under his sleeveless tee.

All in all, this book wasn't total crap. It has an extremely goofy plot and doofy characters BUT it was an accurate portrayal of the completely over the top personality of Mr. T. In the 90's, what some might consider to be the golden age of public service announcements, this was communicating an important message: Do not be a drug dealer or Mr. T will find you and give you a baby that makes nurses upset.

If I were to pick one panel to sum up this issue, it'd have to be:

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