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Alright alright alriiiiight. I'm taking off from the blog for the better part of this week because of a ton of travelling. In the meantime, if you want your comics talk fix then here are a couple podcasts to check out:

The Talking Comics podcast is a group of (usually) 4 individuals from various walks of life who have complimenting and contrasting viewpoints on many popular comics. They also manage to educate listeners on what is coming out in rapid fire succession during their "Lightning Round", a segment where each host gets 3 minutes to try and discuss every book they have read during the week.

They also discuss many comic news topics (both good and bad) as they arise and always have an interesting thought to bring to the table. In the most recent podcast they discussed the new Fantastic Four movie as well as the extreme differences from the source material, and the impact/opinions they think it will create. What is apparent through their comic reviews is their love of the art form, what is apparent through their coverage of comic related news is that this group has enormous amounts of heart and passion for the subject. I can't often attend many cons, which makes me appreciate the detailed coverage of many of the conventions that the Talking Comics gang are able to attend.

Talking Comics also has a very successful forum with an incredible sense of community. They have various affiliated sister podcasts including Talking Games, The Missfits, Talking Valiant, and Talking Movies. New episodes come out every Wednesday and you can visit them at (their forum can be accessed at that site as well).

Fight for Comics is my personal favorite podcast. Every week the "Wednesday Warriors" discuss what has come out as well as many books a lot of people may not have been aware of. A lot of the choices that the 4 hosts of this podcast pick are usually very eclectic so there really is something for everyone. 

The hosts are very knowledgeable but what really makes Fight for Comics stand out is the humor, wit, and clear freindship between them all. They have me in stitches constantly when they discuss how certain books relate to other pop culture phenomenon and all of their reviews, good and bad, are often told through a variety of tangents they go on (all relating to the source material) that make for an extremely enjoyable listen. On some podcasts, you hear people review comics and they don't seem enthused about their purchases, almost as if they are saying it's alright just to justify their purchase. Never on the Fight for Comics podcast though! The hosts get truly excited about these books (the books that are good anyway), making you want to read every one!

The Wednesday Warriors are on a brief hiatus, however you can still access their older podcasts, which I strongly suggest. You are guaranteed to find out about a couple of great titles that you have never heard of or read before and it is fun to hear their predictions on what would happen in certain books (some right, some wrong). Fight for comics has a sister podcast called Pizza Party Podcast, where the same group discusses all of the TV and movies that are currently out (and a couple older ones too) such as Arrow, Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Vikings, etc. with the same amount of humor. You can visit the Fight for Comics at

Thanks for reading folks! I'll get back with ya'll next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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