The Perfect Monster

In my time as a comic book fan, I have read my fair share of books that deserve to still be in print. One of these books, and one of my all time favorite series, is:

Doc Frankenstein (2004)
Burleyman Entertainment
Creators: Geof Darrow & Steve Skroce
Writers: Andy & Lana Wachowski
Artist: Steve Skroce
Colors: Jason Keith
Letters: Comicraft

Doc Frankenstein tells the story of Frankenstein's monster who has adopted the doctor's name and embarked on a journey of self discovery since the events of Mary Shelley's classic tale. Frankenstein is immortal, being of already dead tissue, and lives through multiple eras in US history, always regarded by some as a saint and by others, a monster. Through his travelling years, he slowly starts to understand how important life is, and makes it his goal to preserve it. His main antagonist has always been the Vatican, constantly hunting him down for being an abomination and affront to the Lord. Through their persistence as well as the numerous people he has protected, monsters he's fought, etc. he is now a master of close and ranged combat as well as a great tactician... and a total BADASS. 

Alright now I'm going to talk about the plot of the first issue, and I may sprinkle some info from other issues in this article, but I won't go too much into plot because people should buy this book and read it. In fact, read it twice.

(Caution... this is SPOILER country...)
After a few montage pages of Frankenstein's adventures throughout the years and becoming more and more like Clint Eastwood, the present is revealed. Frankenstein now works for a peacekeeping organization that fights monsters that plague the world. He has a girlfriend named Monica, an immortal cowboy buddy named Tex, and a little scientist pal named Vickie (who has a Frankenstein'd dodo bird as a pet/assistant). All in all he has a pretty alright life, protecting people and being mostly human... until the Pope orders an air strike on the organization's base and everything [ironically goes to Hell.
(Now leaving SPOILER country)

The characters in this series are all entertaining, especially the development that they go through issue to issue. Characters make decisions that make you consider morality and loyalty. The factions of the characters are pretty clear, with people either being on the side of the Vatican or... not. Don't get me wrong, all of the characters are fun to read about but Doc Frankenstein is who will pull your attention the most (and rightfully so).

The art is just as masterful as the storytelling, especially in the faces that are drawn. Every single character shows the atmosphere of the situation. Frankenstein's face is drawn in a way that shows how much he has seen throughout the years. Even the characters in the background help show the severity of the situations portrayed. Each issue (and hopefully/probably the trade) has concept sketches and unused panels in the back as an added bonus. My only complaint (which isn't even really a complaint) is that the action scenes themselves make the issues end too quickly with how much they pump you up!

HOW COULD YOU GET THIS AWESOME BOOK?! I'll tell you! You can shop for the individual issues, of which there are 6 (I found all of mine in quarter bins) at local comic shops or online (it will probably be easier to find them online) OR you can buy the new trade that came out which is worth the value at $16.99 (or less at many websites). Both ways have benefits, the issues all have really cool cardstock covers, however they don't represent the complete series. The first graphic novel that was released VERY recently has issues 1-4 but volume 2 will have issues 5-8 (both 7 and 8 were never published). If enough people buy the volumes, there is a good chance the story will continue, which I am ALLLLL for.

This story is clever, smart, and a truly fun read. It is interesting to see just how people (and religious figures) react to the monsters of the world and reinvents some creatures which we have all read about before. If you are a fan of classic monsters, action movies and excellently written plots then this is completely for you.

Not to mention it is a VERY rare opportunity to save an incredible book that was previously cancelled.

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