Sifting for Gold #1

So here's the deal. I'll be posting these things every week! Ever seen a book for a quarter and thought, "Ohhh that looks pretty rough..."? Well luckily for you, I buy find those books and review them! Starting with:

The L.I.F.E. Brigade #2 (1986)
Blue Comet Comics

Alright.... Well... I guess we should start with the cover. I see a dude with blue flames coming from his bum, an emaciated woman with spaghetti ironically on her wrists and ankles, an 80's megastar with a mask for one eye, mirror clad Robocop, and a stigmata blasting robot. Right away, this looked good.

Who are the L.I.F.E. Brigade you may ask? They are "A team of special peoples that were sent into space to try to find relief for the over populated planet, Earth." The team consists of Blue Comet (Fire Bum), Rochel Windraven (Spaghetti Hands, Long John Lazer (Monocle Mask), and Raygun kid (Mirrors and abs),

They don't find relief, they find the stigmata bot, the Atomic Oracle! It says that there are evil aliens, the Vandanese, who are going through the galaxy destroying planets, enslaving people, blah blah blah. Sooooooooooo the Brigade realizes that Earth is totally hopeless and return to home but it's TOO LATE! The Vandanese have either enslaved everyone or irradiated resources that turned folks into mutant cannibals! The Brigade forms a resistance with two other super (non-enslaved) folks named Zone Ranger and Two-ton. They hide and then get found and then the issue ends... basically.

So the art is rough... it looks like something that is meant to be used for a parody in MAD Magazine. The Vandanese soldiers look like Iron Man, the women (well... woman) has a very masculine face and everyone has all of the abs. The backgrounds are very blocky and it's hard to tell what is hatched and what is a window.
Is that... blood on the window?!

Besides the art, the story isn't uplifting. A story doesn't have to be cheery, but the characters have to be likable or relatable enough to get you through. As it is now there is a cast of totally one dimensional characters, and Long John Lazer, who cries out of his one eye. Not to mention that in this one issue (which is closer to half an issue, as it's a double feature) the Brigade fails NUMEROUS times.

One single person was the artist, writer, and publisher for this book, and this is very admirable. Unfortunately, appeal and admiration are not always equally matched.

Alright the second story in this book is about these well-remembered (and planned) heroes, the Rollercoasters (because they skate... get it?). I won't go into this story much, it was basically an origin story about the people you see above getting teleported into space where they decide they have the power to save... things. 

The art was different, very sketchy. Not incredibly better than the first story but still an improvement. The writing was a little rough. Lots of grammatical errors (although I'm sure I'm not one to talk) and some unnecessary stereotypes and name calling. Oh and someone is wearing a sleeveless tee that states "Body by Rick", whatever that means.

If I were to choose one panel from this book to describe it... it would have to be this one:

Thanks for reading folks! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think! Till next time!


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