Nashville Comics: The Noggin of a Twenty-Something Year Old

Let's talk about the head of someone in their twenties. Not this guy writing this post, but someone else. Let's talk about:

Twenty Nothing is a brand new comic book written and drawn by Lauren R., a citizen here in my neck of the woods (represent). This indie book revolves around the writer, her thoughts, and her experiences. I would consider the book to be partially autobiographical, but in a very comedic way. The stories are all presented as 1 page vignettes, each showcasing how Lauren perceives situations and what she's thinking. Being in the same age group, I found myself able to relate to many of these thought processes. That being said, it shouldn't be hard for anyone to find this humorous. In many ways the style is akin to a more grown up Archie comic, by which I mean there is a central character who interacts with a supporting cast and ends every situation ends in a punchline.

The art style is similar to a lot of the up and coming artists in The Best American Comics anthologies and fits the stories very well. Lauren chose to use hatch marks for all of her shading which gives a great look to a lot of the panels. In many ways the art reminded me of a mixture of R. Crumb (as far as character detail) and Craig Thompson (in terms of human figures and reactions).

This is a very confident and humorous look at someone's life. This issue has 19 single page stories that you will get through pretty quick, but you will be left wanting to read more of Lauren's humorous thoughts. I'm not sure how long the series is going to go on for, and of course I suggest picking up this work to support the creator, but I would love to eventually see a collected edition or an online archive for these tales.

There is something about a brand new comic writer/artist's work that feels good. From the sketchy art style to the staples combining the pages to the continuous tampering/practicing with layout, you can really feel the hard work put in. Currently, this book is on it's second printing, otherwise known as the Drunk at Kinkos Special Edition. If you live in Nashville then you can pick this book up at the Brainfreeze Comics section at The Groove. If you DON'T live in Nashville then you can pick the book up at Lauren's Etsy:

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