Comic Book Publishers Embracing Creator Owned Works

Long titles like the one for this article suck, but lots of creator owned comics don't! Here are a couple of companies that largely support creator owned works in comics:

    Top Shelf Productions was founded in the late 90's and in my opinion is the main proprietor of indie works in the comics community. Obviously, lots of publishers and creators put out independent works, but TSP successfully collects and releases them most frequently. They are very versatile and have works ranging from Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Events to Craig Thomspon's Blankets to various childrens series. Most of these works are released exclusively as graphic novels, providing a complete story.

     Probably the most popular and well known publisher of creator owned works, Image Comics was brought into existence in the early 90's and has produced great titles such as Spawn, The Walking Dead, Saga, and my favorites, Sex Criminals (if you like when people do it and time freezes, check this out). Image is not afraid to take risks and put out stories that many publishers wouldn't dare. If you want to give them a shot then check out one of the books listed above, or take a chance and pick up one of the new number one issues that get released at least once a month! Oh and check out Scott Snyder's, Wytches (not pronounced 'wie-chiz'... I think) it's brand new and absolutely terrifying!

    Black Mask Studios is a BRAND NEW company that was founded in 2012! So yeah, squeaky clean. This publisher was specifically made to support new comic book creators and artists. There are 10 titles listed under this imprint so far, specifcally Last Born, Liberator, and Pirouette (which I will be reviewing soon), each with a unique style and intriguing storyline. With this company still new, it is the perfect time to jump on and give these books a chance and support the teams.

Yeah gang! Definitely check out these companies. Each has something different, creative, and necessary to making the comic book industry the unique hodge podge of writing and art that it is.

These companies all have titles available on their website for purchase if you'd like to peruse.

Thanks for reading!

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